April 06, 2015

Genuine or Faux??

Hard to tell if it's Genuines Leather or Faux (Pleather)??  I have many people ask how to distinguish between the two.  There are many good imitations out there but the biggest difference is the smell.  You can't beat the smell of genuine leather!  Faux leather, vinyl, PU, plastics, etc. smell like chemicals.  Nearly everyone that walks through our door comments on how good it smells in here!  Second, look for the "genuine leather" stamp inside.  If you don't see it, then it is probably not real leather. Thirdly, buy from a reputable company.  Don't be afraid to ask before you buy.  Lastly - Heat test - vinyl products will melt immediately when exposed to heat.  We brand initials and/or company logos by using heat and it looks beautiful!  These are the top 4 ways to tell if a product is genuine or faux!